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PhpBB is a highly popular Internet forum package that is written in the PHP scripting language. Still, there are many people, who are using this internet forum package, but unaware with its full-name, which is PHP Bulletin Board. It is an open source software that obtainable free of cost as it is available under the GNU General Public License.

phpBB Forum Package

On the web, you can also lots of different modules that are developed using phpBB; however, phpBB3 is one of the latest adopting phpBB development that allow users to get some extra and innovative features in their module to enjoy. Today, there are many open source development companies that offer phpBB module development services with creative features, you can hire any company and get your desired features in phpBB module.

Equipped with a variety of features, phpBB allow users to get a wonderful experience which they are looking for. Flat message structure, multiple database engines, full-text search, various notification options, hierarchical subforums, user groups and more are different features that are included in phpBB. 

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