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On 6th February, 2013 a DMCA takedown notice to RetractionWatch blog has gave light to falsified plagiarism, research and legal threats. This DMCA copyright notice claims that about 10 posts of a disgraced doctor were posted on RetractionWatch, which is of Indian website’s property. All the posts are of Anil Potti, who is Duke University Cancer researcher, has had previously checked or retracted nineteen papers throughout his career. The executive editor at Reuters Health, Ivan Oransky and the managing editor of Anesthesiology News, Adam Marcus operated this Retraction Watch blog.

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As the senior most person of medical field, they have better idea about of mistaken or falsified research may open some records in the future with some notice and also research community also gets some idea with original reports. With this thinking, they started the withdrawal of scientific papers from their set up blog. There is no doubt about their timings. It is also researched that number of frauds was increasing and various site helps to some well-known cases of frauds, one of such cases was Anil Potti, who had faced examination for embellishing his resume, but broader questions expanded the examination regarding his research.

With deep research, it is founded that various Papers of Anil finished up being withdrawn as accusations of falsified data were hoisted. Furthermore, three clinical trials was stopped that were based on Potti’s data and he resigned from Duke University, although federal investigations of Potti’s are in progress till date. Concerning above scenario, after being notified of DMCA takedown notice by Automattic, a WordPress parent company, Oransky confirmed that Retraction Watch had been copied.

Commenting on this matter, Oransky wrote, “If you click on any of the URLs provided in the takedown notice, you will indeed find the text — and images — from ten of our posts about Anil Potti. But as will be abundantly clear to anyone who does so that our text was placed on, not the other way around.” He added, “That’s driven home by the fact that the site did not exist until October 2012, according to a WhoIs search. All but one of the Retraction Watch posts they cite appeared before they even existed.”

Although, being in controversy in 2011, Potti hired as Online Reputation Manager by a reputation management company in 2011 for creating websites that honored his work. On other side, GoDaddy also gave notice to Online Reputation Manager, but now, it shows that “This domain name expired on 01/22/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion.” According to Ars Technica, it is noted that this a long line of false DMCA takedowns, if Oransky and Marcus have dealt with it.

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